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  • Bring Your Own or Buy Ours
  • Prompt and Courteous Service
  • Feel Safe about your Animal for the Time You Dropped it off, Until the Time You Pick it Up
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About Us

Den Besten Farm, located in Bridgewater, Massachusetts since the 1960's, is one of the largest independent meat processors of raw and cooked custom meat products in Massachusetts. Our central location allows convenient access for our clients.


Ethnic Holidays

January Chinese New Year. Pigs, Chickens & Ducks
April Easter, Orthodox Easter. Greek Style Lamb & Goats.
September Ethiopian New Year. Sheep, Lamb & Goats
November (EID) Al Adha - Muslim "The Sacrifice"

At Den Besten Farms we recognized these very important ethnic holiday for our clients. We encourage our existing
and potential clients to place their orders in advance to guarantee delivery on their custom slaughtered animals.

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live chickens