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  • Bring Your Own or Buy Ours
  • Prompt and Courteous Service
  • Feel Safe about your Animal for the Time You Dropped it off, Until the Time You Pick it Up
  • Safe Clean and Healthy Workplace







Livestock on Farm for Sale

live angus beef

Custom Beef Process

  • Custom Cuts
  • Kosher & Humane Slaughter
  • Packaged to you Needs
  • Grass Fed Organic Beef
  • Black Angus
live pigs

Custom Pig Process

  • We Sell Pigs for Roasts
  • Range Fed Pigs
  • Lean, Healthy Pigs of all Sizes


live chickens

Custom Chicken Process

  • We Sell Chickens Fresh from Farm
  • Well Fed Chickens
  • Lean, Healthy Chickens
live sheep

Custom Sheep Process

  • We Sell Sheep
  • Well Fed Sheeps
  • Lean, Healthy Sheeps
live lamb

Custom Lambs Process

  • We Sell Lambs - Available for Custom Cuts
  • Well Fed Lambs
  • Lean, Healthy Lambs
live rabbits

Custom Rabbits Process

  • We Sell Rabbits Fresh from Farm
  • Well Fed Rabbits
  • Lean, Healthy Rabbits
live veal

Custom Veal Process

  • We Sell Veal
  • Well Fed Veal
  • Lean, Healthy Veal
live ducks

Custom Ducks Process

  • We Sell Ducks
  • Well Fed Ducks
  • Lean, Healthy Ducks
live goats

Custom Goats Process

  • We Sell Goats - Available for Custom Cuts
  • Well Fed Goats
  • Lean, Healthy Goats